Agentina Duck Species

Argentina is a big country very well known for limitless dove hunting, and a year round dove season. This South American country is equally known for its high volume duck hunting readily available in many areas of its vast land.

There are around 17 species of ducks in Argentina and more than ten of them are commonly hunted in the country. Some species are more abundant in some regions than in others, and some species can only be found in certain habitats. Argentina Big Hunting’s main duck hunting operation is located in the Eastern side of the province of Entre Rios, which is one of the hot spots for duck hunting in South America. The wetland, lagoon, marsh and river systems of this region coupled with the abundant agriculture provide a world-class duck hunting experience.

Seasons and limits vary depending on location, so duck season in our area runs from May through August with a 25 ducks limit a day.

While many hunters come with the main goal to experience Argentina to the fullest; the tremendous waterfowl flights, quality wine, famous steaks and the luxury lodging is well known worldwide. Others are in quest to harvest as many different species as they c

Despite the fact that we are able to provide one of the widest variety of ducks, it is not likely for a hunter to see all the species together because the migration patterns are based on weather conditions, it is more realistic to expect to see five to seven species during a week long hunting adventure

Here is some information on some of the most popular species of ducks we hunt:

Ringed Teal

Ringed teal are one of the species that migrates early in Argentina. In Entre Rios we have a sizeable permanent population. The Ringed Teal are a smaller sized duck and have a beautiful feather pattern with an interesting white ring on each wing. It has a beautiful blue bill and with a soft peep when flying. Their flight is erratic and is quite difficult to get a bead on, providing a challenge to even the most seasoned shooter.

Brazilian Teal

Brazilian Teal migrate about mid season but some can also be found earlier.   There is a permanent population of these Ducks around Buenos Aires. These are the largest of the Teal species found in Argentina and can be compared in size with the North American Wood Duck.   The bill of the Brazilian Teal is a deep red and its wings are green in color. They generally fly very low in groups of 10 or more birds and they are very willing to decoy. They are very noisy in flight as they make a very loud whistling sound as they fly.   Brazilian Teal represent one of the largest populations of ducks in the area and can be found in large numbers in lagoons and potholes.


Speckled Teal

Speckled Teal are small in size and appear early in the migration. These teal can be compared in size to the Green Winged Teal of North America. They are speckled in color with a yellow beak. They are very acrobatic flyers and are found in large groups in excess of 10 birds. These are very fast and agile birds and respond very well to imitation calls. As you can imagine they are very challenging to shoot and can be very entertaining to try and get a bead on

Silver Teal

This small bird is similar in size to a Green Winged Teal and can be recognized by it cappuccino cheeks and colorful blue and yellow bill. They have a unique flying pattern and can be found in pairs on in larger groups. In flight they are very fast and are willing to decoy. It’s hard to tell the difference between a male and female bird as they are identical in size and markings. They are very predominant in Argentina and can be found in many types of waters and conditions

Chiloe Wigeon

Think of the Chiloe Wigeon as the South American 1st cousin of the North American Wigeon. They can be found throughout South America including the Falkland Islands.   They have a green and white metallic head with a very stunning feather pattern. In flight the Chiloe has a weeping whistle. They prefer small bodies of water like lagoons and potholes and are found mainly in small groups of four or more. Chiloe’s are also known to flock with other waterfowl species.

Yellow Billed Pintail

The Yellow Billed Pintail is a little larger than the North American Pintail and is very similar in appearance and behaviors. It has a bright yellow bill with a brown body with the characteristic long pin-tail. Found in small groups of 6 or less the birds are known to decoy from high altitudes. They prefer larger bodies of water, big fields and secluded ponds.   They are a very cautious bird that are very fun to hunt.

White-Cheeked Pintail

Being a late migrator the White Cheeked Pintail is one of the last birds to come in during the Argentina Duck season.   It is smaller than the Yellow Billed Pintail. They have stunning white cheeks and a blood red bill and can be found in small groups. They are a very fast flying bird and are commonly found with groups of Teal.

Red Shoveler

Red Shovelers show up early and have a lot of the same characteristics as their North American cousins. They are a cinnamon color red with blue and green colored wings with a bold black bill. They are very willing to decoy and are predictable flyers. You can find Red Shovelers by themselves or with other species of waterfowl.

Rosybill Pochar

One of the most sought after species of ducks in Argentina the Rosybill Pochard is a very unique species of duck. They are excellent flyers and are very fast.   They are a bit larger than a Mallard duck and have a Rosy colored bill, white striped wings and a very loud quack. They fly at very high altitudes but can be consistently called down by a experienced duck caller. It’s quite a site to see a large group of Rosybill’s descending from above into your decoys.


White-Faced Whistling

White Face Whistling ducks are not migratory and are found resident in Argentina throughout the year. They have a white face, black bill and a mahogany colored chest. Because of their long legs they have a very unique flying style. They fly at high altitudes and are constantly squealing. They are very cautious to decoy and at times can be found among other flocks of ducks.

We would like to thank Southern Outfitters Cooperation for their contribution to this post.

October 2017 Argentina Dove Hunting Report

So for you US wingshooters Fall is our Spring here in Argentina.  The Argentina Dove Hunting Report for October says that the flowers are blooming, the days are getting longer, the weather is warming and the Doves are flying.   The skies are filled with Doves and the shooting is spectacular.  

One shell in the chamber and 4 in the magazine!  Yes, in Argentina you can take the plug out of your gun and there are no limits on Doves.   One thousand round days per hunter are the norm this time of the year.   The doves seem to be everywhere.

Each of our hunters gets an assistant when shooting doves to help them keep your gun loaded, unboxing shells,  retrieving birds and assisting with anything else that might arise.  Most of our hunters wear out well before the Doves all roost for the evening.

Dove Hunting Is Only Minutes Away

Since we hunt close to the lodge we quickly get you from the field to your room to tidy up before joining us for a before meal cocktail.   You will appreciate the wide selection of premium libations that we have to offer.   We then will go into the formal dinning room and have a hearty meal of local delicacies such as various types of seafood or our famous Argentinian beef.

After dinner you may want to enjoy a nightcap,  play a game of pool, go for a swim or just sit around and talk about the days hunt.  You will then retire and wake up the next day ready to do it all over again.

You can enjoy Dove hunting in Argentina all year round but the most productive months range from September until March.   We still have some space available over the next few months and into 2018.  Call us today to book your trip,  you will be glad you did.

Argentina Dove Hunting Report In October

So to recap,  the Dove Hunting has started off very good in October and we expect it to just keep getting better and better over the next 6 months.   After that its Duck Season!  Another amazing experience that keeps wingshooters coming back over and over again.

Argentina Duck Hunting

If you live in the US Argentina Duck Hunting opens up a whole new world when it comes to Duck Hunting.   If you love to Duck Hunt like I do one of the biggest complaints I have is that the season doesn’t last long enough

But Argentina Duck Hunting Doubles The Length Of Your Season

That’s right, the Ducks are migrating south, why not you?   Since Argentina is in the Southern Hemisphere their seasons are just polar opposite of the US. That means that in less than a day you can be in Argentina Hunting the ducks you missed a few months back.

If you have never considered Argentina as a Duck Hunting destination this will be a pleasant surprise for you.   The limit is 25 birds per day … that is not a misprint, 25 birds per day.   And most days getting a limit of ducks is not hard to do.   There are millions of ducks that call Argentina home from April through July.

Most Duck Hunters that come to Argentina are surprised to learn that Duck Hunting is done in the morning and then after a nice lunch they go out in the afternoon for some world class Dove hunting or shoot some Perdiz over dogs.

As an added bonus Argentina also has world class fishing close to the hunting grounds. Trout fishing gets the most press but there is also some amazing freshwater Golden Dorado Fishing.

In addition Argentina has some of the best Big Game hunting on the planet that also can be combined with a Duck Hunt. Free range Red Stag, Black Buck and Axis Deer are just a few of the options you have.

If you enjoy hunting then Argentina has got to be on your bucket list, maybe more than once. Along with spectacular Argentina Duck Hunting it offers some many other options that you will need to come back more than once to experience it all.

Dove Hunting In Argentina


Before we start talking about Dove Hunting in Argentina let me tell you a little about the county itself. Argentina is the 8th largest country of the world and is 2,780,400 square kilometers. It is the second largest country in South America just behind Brazil. Argentina is almost 5000 kilometers long from Ushuaia (the southernmost city of the world) to La Quiaca and 1400 kilometers wide.

With such a big territory Argentina has different environments such as the rain forest area in the North East of the country to the glaciers in the South West. It has it all: high mountains, endless plains, forest, deserts and so on.

The total population of the country is about of 44 million people and its capital, Buenos Aires, has more than 15 million inhabitants. There are many other important cities that congregate more than 10 million people so basically most of the Argentina’s population live in a metropolitan areas.

The importance of these facts about Argentia is that among all the different habitats that Argentina has many of them are perfect habitats for different bird species. This explains the high concentration of many species such as Dove and Pigeon.

Argentina features great populations of doves in provinces like Entre Rios, La Pampa, Santiago del Estero, San Luis and of course the most famous one: Cordoba.

Regarding waterfowl, Argentina has many species of ducks that are very common in provinces like Entre Rios, Buenos Aires, Santa Fe, Corrientes.

Our upland game bird the perdiz is very popular to hunt with large populations of them in provinces such as Entre Rios, Corrientes, Buenos Aires and La Pampar.

As for pigeons places like San Luis, Salta, Entre Rios and La Pampa offer an incredible population of these birds.

These bird species are the four feathers we are allowed to hunt in Argentina and if you have noticed the pattern the province of Entre Rios has them all in the same place with high concentrations of each living there.

You can see why Entre Rios province is one of the finest destinations for mixed bag bird hunting not only in Argentina but in the world. Depending on the time of year hunters can enjoy hunting multiple species (mixed bag) even in the same day.

Entre Rios is located only a couple hours by car from Buenos Aires, which makes it one of the easiest hunting areas to get to in the country.  No additional flights to burn up another day of travel.  Our hunters enjoy their first hunt the afternoon they arrive.

For all what we have explained above Argentina Big Hunting is proud to manage the best bird shooting destination in all of Argentina.

Hunting Doves In Argentina

Argentina is known worldwide as the best dove shooting destination in the world. The increase of the cultivated area of the country together with large bushy areas and the abundance of water give these places an incredible growing population of Doves over the last twenty years. Places considered to be not as good as others for dove hunting have now become hot spoots for some of the best dove hunting in the country.

Entre Rios, is fast becoming the most popular area to hunt birds in all of Argentina and Argentina Big Hunting proudly manages the nearest high volume dove roosts from Buenos Aires city. Its only two hours by car from the capital city of Argentina from this incredible hunting destination.

Eared Doves

What we shoot is the “Eared Dove” (zenaida auriculata) a little bit bigger than the American mourning dove and with a squared tail instead of the pointed tail of its American cousin.

Due to the high population of these birds, which in many places is truly out of control, doves in Argentina are considered as a pest. That’s why the dove hunting season is open all year round without bag limits. According to some late surveys made by the Wildlife and the Agricultural authorities, doves destroy more than 50% of the annual crops in certain areas of the country.   Hunters are more than welcome to shoot as many birds as they can.

The population of doves in some areas of Argentina is just amazing. In our hunting area we manage no less than five dove roosts located not further than 40 minutes away from the lodge and in some cases within 10 minutes, with tens of millions of birds in each one of them.

Due to the massive population of these birds it is common for a hunter to shoot anywhere between to 1,000 to 2,000 rounds a day or even more. Basically it is up to each hunter to set their own limits due that the birds will fly over them constantly.

We Serve Gourmet Argentine Cuisine

As for lodging, we provide first class accommodations and services, with International and local gourmet cuisine, Argentinean quality wine and all the comfort required by the high standard of a world class hunting lodge. We are constantly monitoring where the Doves are concentrating so we can always put our guests in the best areas.

As you can see Dove Hunting in Argentina is a very special hunting adventure for those who love wing shooting. With the diversity of other bird species our guests will enjoy hunting multiple species of birds during their stay with us.  We hunt over water and in blinds for doves. over decoys for ducks, and we hunt over dogs for Perdiz and Hare.