Since we understand the importance of knowing the details of the country that you fly into when you travel abroad, one of our main goals is to provide as much valuable information as we can prior to your hunting or fishing trip. We are glad to share with you this essential information about the main topics of your journey.

Big Game

Due that we hunt in different areas and our own ranches have a game management plan approved by the wildlife authorities we can basically hunt most of the species all year round except for red stag and fallow deer only available from March to July.


Dove shooting, all year round. Mixed bag shooting, May through August.


Since we promote and conduct fishing expeditions for different species in various provinces of Argentina, seasons vary on the basis of each place:

  • Trout fishing is generally open from October to April but it finally depends on each province.
  • Golden Dorado fishing in Entre Rios province is open from middle January to middle October.
  • Deep sea fishing in Buenos Aires province is open all year round.

General services

Services included in all our activities

Meet & greet at Buenos Aires Int'l airport, Gun introduction assistance, Full board accommodations in luxury lodging, Wi Fi Internet, Snacks and beverages in the field, Non-alcoholic drinks, Personalized outfitter services, English translation services, Maid service

Services not included in any activity

Single room occupancy, Extra nights in the field, Gun rental and ammo shot during the hunt, Hunting license, Airfares of any kind, Insurance of any kind, Hard liquor, Additional services (laundry, massage, phone calls, etcetera), Sightseeing trips, Land transportation from BA to the hunting area, Hotels before/after the hunt, Medical services of any kind, Non-English translation services, Tips.

Big game services

Services included

Skinning and first trophy preparation, Trophy measurement, Trophy transportation to the custom broker workshop in BA.

Services not included

The price of each hunted trophy, Trophy tags, Bird hunting or fishing trips during the main hunt, Exportation costs, Taxidermy expenses.

Wingshooting services

Services included

Personal secretaries (bird boys), Trained dogs.

Services not included

Shotgun rental, Shotgun shells shot during the hunt, Big game hunting and fishing trips during the hunt.

Fishing services

Services included

Boat usage, Fuel, Fishing equipment, One professional guide every two anglers, Bait & lures.

Services not included

Flies and lost lures.

A 50% deposit is required to book the hunt. Balance should be paid 60 days before the hunt.

This deposit is non refundable and the following cancellation fees apply:

  • 90 days prior to the hunt: can be transferred for other available date or following season (new fees will apply).
  • 60 days prior to the hunt: can be transferred for other available date or following season (new fees will apply), 50% of the deposit is lost.
  • 30 days prior to the hunt: can be transferred for other available date or following season (new fees will apply), 100% of the deposit is lost.

Any change in dates must be in writing by letter, email, or fax at least 180 days before departure and confirmed by ABH and the hunting client.

We strongly recommend taking out the necessary trip cancellation insurance for your hunt.

The most common way to reach Argentina is on an overnight flight from either US or Europe landing in Buenos Aires Int'l airport the following morning.

Travelers have to buy their airline's tickets with final destination to the city of Buenos Aires, capital of the Argentine Republic. The arrival and departure flights -from and to the country of origin- take place at Ministro Pistarini International Airport of Buenos Aires (EZE), located in Ezeiza town, 30 kilometers far from downtown Buenos Aires and linked to it by freeway. We estimate a 30 minutes ride from the airport to downtown under normal traffic conditions.

Foreign visitors have available many choices of non-stop flights to our country. They generally arrive very early in the morning and depart in the evening o matter if they come from USA or Europe Many airlines service daily direct flights from America: United from Houston, Delta from Atlanta and American Airlines from Dallas and Miami. Regarding Europe, Lufthansa from Frankfurt, British Airways from London, Air France from Paris, Alitalia from Rome, KLM from Amsterdam and Iberia from Madrid are just some of the companies that service to Argentina.

As part of our regular services, we receive our guests at Buenos Aires Int'l airport and offer qualified bilingual assistance to help them with gun clearance and the rest of the arrival procedures once they land in the country.

We arrange ground transfers to either their hotels in downtown BA, to Buenos Aires domestic airport if they have a combination flight or directly to the field if they come to our wing-shooting area near BA are also arranged by the hunting company.

Usually the ride is through modern and safe four lanes highways, using very comfortable vehicles according to the size of the party. Executive vans, high quality cars and brand new SUVs and 4×4 pickup are part of our normal transportations' vehicles

Domestic flights in Argentina usually don’t depart from BA Int’l airport but from a different one: Aeroparque Jorge Newberry Airport (AEP) located in downtown Buenos Aires and 45 minutes away from the Buenos Aires International.

Aerolineas Argentinas and Austral airlines service to the capital cities of each province and also fly into many other touristic destinations of the country in modern aircrafts like Boing 737-800 and the brand new Embraer jets.

Hunters booked to Patagonia have to fly to San Carlos de Bariloche Airport and the ones hunting in La Pampa have to fly to Santa Rosa airport. Our wing-shooting area near BA doesn't need any domestic flight due its proximity with the city of Buenos Aires.

For those who want direct flights to the field, charter flights can be also arranged for an additional cost. Aircraft will be selected according to the size and budget of the party, distance from BA and type of airstrip at the hunting destination.

A Valid passport is required. Every visitor who enter into the country must have a valid passport up to date. We highly recommend to check their passport’s expiration date in advance to make sure it does not expire during their stay in our country.

No VISA is required for U.S. citizens. Argentine reciprocity tax is no longer necessary.

Citizens of the European Union do not need a visa to enter Argentina if they are not planning to stay longer than 90 days. Residents of other countries have to contact their nearest Argentine consulate to obtain this information

The legal weight limit allowed by the airlines depends on the kind of ticket purchased by each passenger and the internal policies of each company but the general rule when you fly economy is one checked piece of 50 pounds (23 k) plus your carry on. Pay special attention that if you fly in an airline that doesn't belong to the same alliance of the domestic flight’s airlines you will pay extra weight costs while you fly inside Argentina.

Argentina Big Hunting will take care of helping you in introducing your shotgun or rifle into the country in accordance with current regulations.

At Buenos Aires international airport our staff will meet & greet you and help you in gun clearance. Gun import permit is approximately USD 120 per gun (It may be changed by authorities, without notice). A maximum of three guns per person are allowed. Please, be aware that ANMAC does not allow people to come into the country with semi auto Rifles. Also, ammunition and cartridges have to be dispatched in a hard box by separate as a registered baggage and hunters are not allowed to bring ammo without their correspondent guns.

In order to bring firearms to Argentina, foreign hunters should provide to our company all the details about the firearms to be brought in (type of gun, make, model, serial number, caliber, barrel length) as well as all personal information (Name, passport number, country, DOB, personal address).

At a side of this, a personal procedure to get a gun introduction permit issued at the Argentinean Consulate of each country prior to the hunting trip must be done by the hunters not coming for a first time to Argentina with semi-auto shotguns or rifles.

That Consulate permit is not necessary for those hunters come for the first time to Argentina or if they have been here before but they only introduce over and under or side by side shotguns.

In those cases that the Consulate procedure is required, hunters have to forward copy of the permit to our office and they have to bring the originals with them.

The ANMAC (Former RENAR) will issue the authorization, which will be checked by the air police at the moment of arrival to the country at Buenos Aires International Airport. Hunters must pay for a gun introduction permit at customs according to its current value fixed by the Government. That gun entry fee must be paid upon arrival in cash.

Also, if you don't want to bring your own rifle, we have most used calibers available at the ranch for rental (.308 Win, .30-06 SPRG, 300 Win Mag, 338 Win Mag, 375 H&H Mag, 458 Win Mag).All scopes are Zeiss, Swarovski or Schmidt & Bender.

Bows and arrows can be introduced in Argentina without special controls.

The official Argentine currency is the "Argentinean peso". Since its value freely fluctuates with respect to the foreign currencies, we recommend to verify the current exchange rate on-line prior to your arrival. There are bills of 10, 20, 50, 100, 500 and 1000 pesos, and coins of 1, 5, 10, 25 and 50 cents, as well as 1, 2, 5 and 10 pesos coins.

US Dollars and Euros are generally accepted everywhere. Anyway, foreign currencies can be exchanged in banks and authorized bureaus. American Express, VISA, Diners and Master Card are widely accepted in downtown BA.

Sorry we don't accept credit cards or travelers checks for our hunting or fishing trips payment.

The local language is Spanish. Argentina Big Hunting offers English-speaking guides without additional cost and, at hunters request; we also offer guides who are fluent in other languages, such as German, French, Russian language and so on at extra cost.

No vaccination certificate is required to enter in the Argentine territory. Argentina is a malaria free country.

We advise travelers to verify the validity of the medical insurance hired in the country of origin, since the tariffs of ABH are not inclusive of any medical service.

Argentina uses 220 volt electric system. There are three-pin plugs as well as two-round-pin plugs; converters of 110 volts are needed for countries with that voltage although most of the modern electronic devices (Phones, Tablets, Laptops, etcetera) come for both 110 - 220 Volts so they require just and adapter.

Because the disposition of Argentina in the South American continent it takes different latitudes so the climates depend on the region visited by our guests. During the prime of the big game season (Fall) in Buenos Aires area the weather is mild with cool nights and pleasant days with an average temperatures of 20° Celsius and a high percentage of humidity in the air; in La Pampa province the days use to be a little bite warmer and nights quite cooler with an average temperature of 23° Celsius and low percentage of humidity; during the same time the weather is colder in Patagonia country, being quite cold during the day and very cold during the night with an average temperature of 10° Celsius. It is not unusual that the first snow storms arrive in those days.

In the wing-shooting area winters are mild and short with fairly cold weather but not as cold as Europe or North America at the same season of the year.

We highly recommend to check the specific weather forecast of the area that you come hunting/fishing prior to your arrival. This website provides it in this information section.

Argentina Big Hunting will take care of dipping, packing and expediting your trophies. Further details will be provided once in the country.

It depends on the region, hunting modality and the season chosen by the hunter. Since Argentina doesn't has extreme weather conditions as North America or Europe we recommend to bring clothing for mild/cold weather. During our fall we recommend light but strong shirts and trousers, wool sweater, hat and a heavy jacket just in case. During our duck hunting mornings in winter time weather use to be pretty cold so it requires warm and waterproof clothing.

Camo gear is allowed in Argentina. For still hunts during the night (allowed in Argentina for several species as puma, wild boar and so on) heavier clothes are required because the nights use to be cold. Special underwear, gloves and a warm hat use to be useful. As for the foot wear we recommend comfortable water proof boots, suitable for long walks. We use to provide most of the equipment for duck hunting so we have available knee boots, hip boots and waders of all the normal sizes. Don’t forget your personal hygiene stuff. Regarding the hunting equipment the hunter is free to bring whatever considers useful for this hunt: binoculars, pocket knife, photo camera, flash-light and so on.


You are traveling abroad, so your passport is a must!

  • First, check the expiration date on your passport since it should not expire within six months of your trip's departure date.
  • Make a photocopy of it before leaving and keep the original in your packed luggage! Another good idea is to take a picture of it with your smart phone.


  • Adequate hunting clothing - Camouflage or caqui hunting clothes and hats.
  • Ear protection - Foam earplugs are recommended to protect your eardrums from the loud noise shooting can cause.
  • Eye protection - Make sure you protect yourself from harsh ultraviolet rays with a pair of good quality sunglasses or shooting glasses.
  • Shoulder protection - If you do not want to go back home with the famous Argentinean Tattoo, use your shoulder pad while shooting doves! It will protect you from recoil.
  • Hand protection - Leather shooting gloves are recommended when loading guns and shooting for many hours.
  • Foot protection – Rubber boots (up to the knee) for duck hunting and waterproof hunting boots for other species.. Many shooters even wear sneakers for dove shooting.
  • Shooting vest
  • Soft gun case: if you bring your own gun
  • Shells’ pouch
  • Tape: to protect your fingers while you load.
  • Personal effects


We strongly recommend to bring:

  • Binoculars: a good pair of them is essential.
  • Day pack
  • Shooting sticks of your preference
  • Footwear: one pair of waterproof hunting boots / one pair of light shoes
  • Clothing sweat absorbing socks / extra socks / wind-breaking jacket / light
  • rain gear / hunting pants / shirt / vest / gators / warm jacket / gloves
  • Elbow and knee pads (bow hunters)
  • Flashlight
  • Pocket knife
  • Personal effects


  • Camera - Even though there is usually a videographer ready to record your experience, it is a smart idea to bring some good quality photos back home with you.
  • Chargers for your devices / adapter / converter (Argentina is 220V)
  • Medication Please include your prescribed medicine first. Then, you could also carry some pain relievers, antibiotics, and medications that treat nausea and allergic reactions.
  • Sunscreen - it is definitely a good idea to protect your skin while hunting in the sun. 30SPF sunscreen is what we recommend.
  • Mosquito repellent. You won’t need it most of the time but it is also something that you like to have among your personal items.
  • Sunglasses of your choice
  • Money - You are not allowed to bring shotgun shells into Argentina so if you plan on shooting a minimum of 2000 shells in three days, be prepare for check out! Cash is what we ask for but we also accept personal checks with 5% commission surcharge. Sorry we don’t accept credit cards.