Big Game

Big game hunting in Argentina is outstanding to say the least. Our trips are in the most traditional destinations of Argentina: the bush of La Pampa province and the mountains of Patagonia country. Game is amazingly abundant and herds are roaming wild in the vast territories.

Our privately owned ranches are located in La Pampa (bush hunting) and Patagonia (mountain hunting). We offer the best free range hunting experience you can find and the best trophy hunting in all of Argentina. We are famous for our "monster" stags.

The environments of our destinations are different that's why we conduct our hunts accordingly.

La Pampa Province

The red stag was introduced to Argentina in 1909 in La Pampa. It is covered by thick bush and calden's forests which makes this place the perfect habitat for our big game. In fact you can hunt many species all in the same place.

The capitol city of Santa Rosa is located in La Pampa which is in the center of Argentina.

Hunting in La Pampa is challenging due to the fact that the environment demands perfect stalks to be able to approach the prey at close distance. Hunting from blinds is another effective way to hunt in this environment and is highly productive. High volume dove shooting, which is also available in this area is the perfect complement for those who like to combine big game hunting with bird hunting in the same trip.

The Patagonian mountains

With its beautiful scenery is totally different hunting a experience. Located in the South West of Argentina in Neuquén province it is also one of our most popular touring destinations. Hunters will find this country vast and open, making it easy to spot game from high vantage points. The largest city in this area is San Carlos de Bariloche.

We are proud to say that Argentina holds the world’s third largest population of Pere David’s deer. Our ranch is the only place in the world where Pere David's deer can be hunted free range.

In addition, you will find awesome Red Stag trophies in our hunting ranches and this is the result of many years of hard work and strictness in the selection we have made.

Fly fishing is another activity available in the same area that many elect to combine with their big game hunting in Argentina.

If you are a Bow Hunter we encourage bow you to consider our ranches; great trophies have been taken by bow and we are getting more and more requests each year!

We try to accommodate all our hunters' needs both at the ranch and in the field. Our hunts can be conducted from 4WD trucks, by foot or on horseback.

Argentina Big Hunting offers a once in a lifetime hunting experience for all our guests. During your visit you will enjoy the:

  • Superb trophy quality and abundance of our game.
  • Breath-taking landscapes of our hunting areas.
  • Professionalism of our guides.
  • Comfort of our accommodations and gourmet cuisine.
  • Fine Argentinean wine.

As you can see Hunting in Argentina is not just an activity but a true experience that you will cherish for a lifetime.

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These are some of the species you can hunt with us.

Big Game Trophies

These are some of the outstanding trophies of different species shot by ABH's hunters in the past seasons.

Big game pictures
Big game pictures
Big game pictures
Big game pictures
Big game pictures
Big game pictures
Big game pictures
Big game pictures
Big game pictures

Combo Hunts!

Argentina Big Hunting has the ability to combine big game and wingshooting in the same place. For those hunters going for the most demanded programs for big game and wingshooting we can organize a red stag + high volume dove shooting in our hunting area of La Pampa located in the center of the country were we also offer water buffalo, blackbuck, wild boar, axis deer, fallow deer, puma, mouflon and many other species.

As for those hunters eager to combine mixed bag of birds with some big game, we can provide ducks, doves, pigeons and perdiz over dogs with axis, blackbuck, water buffalo, wild boar and rams in our hunting area near Buenos Aires.

In summary, Argentina Big Hunting proudly organizes custom made hunting trips for all the species of big game and wingshooting available in Argentina.

Big Game Lodging

Argentina Big Hunting offers world class accommodations and services in all our big game hunting destinations. In every case the different lodges are located in the heart of the best hunting areas of Argentina, in the middle of our hunting fields for the hunters convenience since once they arrive to the hunting areas they can go hunting right from the lodge.

Accommodations are equipped with spacious living and dining rooms to develop social activities with all the comfort that our guests deserve. Outer decks with beautiful views to our wonderful natural landscapes, play rooms, ample master bedrooms with private bathroom, air conditioning, international gourmet cuisine, prime Argentinean wine & beef, well stocked bars with the best brands of alcoholic drinks, Wi Fi Internet, satellite TV and English language hosting are some of the services that this fine company provides to our distinguished clientele.


La Patagonia

La Pampa

La Pampa

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